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The DJI Air 2S is the latest in the DJI Mavic Air line, which combines the best of both worlds of the Mavic Pro and Spark. It’s about the size of a Spark in flight, but folds up like the Mavic Pro to become even smaller. It has the Spark’s nifty gesture control, but it also has the Mavic Pro’s 4K video. It’s also got great safety features with a collision avoidance sensor on the front and back.

Sleek eBikes, one of NY’s two electric bike retailers, hired us to develop a little photoshoot for his business in Tarrytown, NY (the picture with the Sleek logo appears at the top of that project).

Another place that is much more accessible to drones than regular cameras – over the water! Boat dealerships might want marketing materials of their boats in action, and drones are perfect for getting those action shots. After all, boats look much more appealing on the water than they do in a garage! Some boat owners might even want footage of their boat as something to frame in their home! Reaching out to boat dealerships or salesmen could connect you to potential clients that would like photos of their boat on the water.

It has DJI’s well-known 4-light charge indicator and anti-fire technology, which alleviates the stress of utilizing robust LiPo power systems. These minor but significant enhancements and an upgraded FlightAutonomy system result in a smoother, quieter flight that provides greater discretion and safety.


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I've really enjoyed the amazing opportunity to pilot for DroneBase… They are an awesome group, great communication and some exciting times.” — Brandon Harris, Sky Head Films Pilot

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Chris Romero is a recognized SEO Specialist, Digital Marketing Analyst, Actor, Producer, and a Photographer with a love for creating corporate style and documentary videos that can create impact and awake a zeal for more. Chris is known for his use of advanced reputation engineering to help brands and political candidates who are modern and inclusive sustain and grow their online reputation.

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A Sky Head Films pilot will visit your location and do all the flying. Sky Head Films is FAA approved and has flown in all 50 US states and over 30 countries.

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I was sold on being an early adopter of Skydio 2, but wish I had not wasted my money. The problem with the Skydio is that after reviewing its video, one is obliged to leave its footage on the cutting room floor, if one values basic clarity in one’s imagery. This is easily visible even in the footage shown on Skydio’s own Website, including in the recent videos about Keyframe. The problem is especially apparent in greens and soft browns. Flights in red canyons look okay.

The Mini 2 is a stable drone that can capture steady video even in windy conditions. We didn’t notice any drifting as we tooled around a field in 5 mph winds, but we have noticed that other small drones, such as the original Mavic Mini, do not have enough power to fight wind as effectively as larger drones. The Mini 2 relies on the same GPS and GLONASS positioning system as other DJI drones. It has obstacle sensing only on its bottom, so it can’t avoid obstacles in flight like our other favorite drones can.

Best Drone Videography
Drone Pictures In The Sky

Drone Pictures In The Sky

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Obstacle avoidance is an important enough feature that the Anafi’s lack of obstacle sensors caused us to disqualify it as a potential pick. But if you’re an experienced pilot on a budget and you consider a high-quality camera to be more important than obstacle avoidance, the Anafi could be a better option than the DJI Mini 2. We tested the FPV version and found the included headset useful for lining up shots. The backpack also felt of high quality.

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A drone aerial image of Kwinana, Western Australia, was posted to the Dronestagram account by Amphotoco. He captured an aerial view of the town using a DJI Spark drone. This small drone is a great way to capture beautiful the beautiful scenery. And when the sun goes down, lions are perfect subjects for aerial photographs, as they are rarely put off by the drone's presence.

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Drone Photography St Louis
Drone Photography St Louis

The Mavic 2 Pro has a three-axis gimbal with both a custom Hasselblad L2D-20c aerial camera and a 28x Hybrid Zoom Tele Camera. The 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad camera uses a 24mm prime lens and offers higher dynamic range and resolution. The Zoom camera has a 162mm long-focus lens.

So why is the DJI Mavic 3, which launched in November 2021, so great? While it’s tough to narrow down the best, most pilots agree the top three specs are 1. a dual-camera system featuring Hasselblad, 2. an incredible 46-minute battery life, and 3. improved sense and avoid tech that makes this drone nearly crashproof.

Drone To Take Pictures
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Drone controllers usually have built-in clamps to hold your phone, which displays a live stream from the drone’s camera. We prefer controllers, like the Evo Lite+’s, that hold your phone above the controller instead of below; when you’re trying to keep your eye on a drone, it’s much better not to have to tilt your head down quite as far to glance at your phone. We also found the Evo Lite+ to be notably quieter than the Air 2S.

You should read both the FAA guidelines and the AMA handbook (PDF). Be prepared for them to contradict each other at times, but in general these are the essential rules that apply nationally:

How Much Do Drone Photographers Make